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Welcome to the International Organization of the Flavor Industry. Comprised of national and regional flavor associations along with global flavor companies, IOFI invests in sound science to support flavor ingredients safety. We share our confidence in our materials with regulatory bodies worldwide through the advocacy efforts of our members.



Among the many resources available to you at our site are:


  • IOFI Code of Practice, the document that guides our members by providing a consistent, global platform for the production and sale of safe flavoring materials
  • The IOFI Global Reference List, a positive list of chemically defined flavoring substances and natural complex substances that are considered to be safe for their intended use.
  • The latest issue of our biannual newsletter IOFI Insight.
  • Our capabilities brochure, available in three languages (English, Spanish and Chinese)


We welcome interest in our association from prospective members, regulatory authorities and NGOs.

Thank you for your interest in IOFI.



Hans Holger Gliewe

IOFI President


IOFI Organization

IOFI is an international non-profit association of national and regional flavor associations and individual companies. Governed by a Management Board selected from geographically dispersed industry representatives from both association and company members, IOFI represents the interests of the  international flavor industry and maintains a robust science program that supports ingredient safety.

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General Information

Learn more about IOFI structure and operations:



IOFI Secretariat

The IOFI Secretariat manages IOFI's day-to-day operations, responds to member requests, and maintains and provides access to this website.

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For an overview of responsibilities click here:      IOFI Secretariat.


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IOFI Global Reference List

The IOFI Global Reference List is an open-ended, positive list of chemically defined flavoring substances and natural complex substances that are considered to be safe for their intended use by one or more internationally recognized assessment bodies. The GRL follows the definitions of materials appropriate for the formulation of flavorings in the IOFI Code of Practice.

Click here for the IOFI GRL

Code of Practice

The IOFI Code of Practice is a comprehensive document that demonstrates the commitment of IOFI and its members to produce flavor ingredients that are safe for their intended use.


The Code of Practice is a condition of IOFI Membership, and is acknowledged by all member associations and their member companies.


Available to all stakeholders, the Code of Practice includes guidelines for the manufacture, handling and use of materials for flavor applications.

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IOFI has a policy and guidelines on antitrust compliance that guide the conduct of our meetings and operations. Click here

IOFI Database


Access the IOFI database by clicking here. A benefit of IOFI membership, the database contains up-todate information on over 3500 flavorings used in global commerce. Access is free for IOFI members.


To obtain access please apply by sending an application to iofioffice(at)