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Code of Practice


Complete text:

Code of Practice 2012


Per chapter:

01. Limitation of Responsibility

02. Preface - About IOFI

03. Definitions

04. The Need and Technological Function of Flavourings in Food

05. Composition of Flavourings

06. Flavourings and Intellectual Property

07. Basic Standards of Good Manufacturing Practice

08. Labeling

09. Claims Made in the Labeling, Presentation or Advertising of Flavourings

10. Quality Assurance and Management

11. Quality Control and Storage

12. Statement of Shelf life

13. Guidelines on the IOFI Interpretation of the term "Natural"

14. Guidelines for the Production of Thermal Process Flavourings.

15. Guidelines for the Preparation of Smoke Flavourings

16. Guidelines for Enzymatic and Mircrobiological Processes for the Production of Flavourings.

17. Guidelines for Health and Environmental Protection

18. Annex I - Lists of Flavouring and Non-Flavouring Food Ingredients

19. Annex II- Extraction Solvents and Flavouring Substances Requiring Additional Attention

20. Annex III- Codex Alimntarius CAC-GL 66-2008


IOFI Language Disclaimer

(2016-11-09 v1.0)

The official IOFI language is English. IOFI develops official statements/position and internal and external communication in English. However, at the discretion of the Secretariat, IOFI may sometimes offer documents in languages other than English.

Local member associations are free to translate official IOFI documents* into local languages, but IOFI’s review and approval are required before the translated documents being published/distributed. IOFI encourages local member associations to translate and disseminate routine communications like Information Letters for their membership. In all cases, the translated documents shall bear the date of translation, this disclaimer and the links to the official IOFI documents on which the translations are based.


* “Official IOFI documents” include but are not limited to: routine communications such as Information Letters and IOFI Insight; IOFI Code of Practice; IOFI  Global Reference List (GRL); IOFI Database; IOFI minutes and notes from various committees, task forces and working groups which are available on the General Information Section of the IOFI Member Network.


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